The Week that Carpet Ate

Last Friday we became the proud owners of a house in another, lower-altitude state.

We knew the carpet would be a problem, because well, of course it would. Except it was a far worse problem than we expected. So we stayed longer than we intended, and pulled it up. (Ow, my legs. Also, I looked bruised all over) And gave the thing a coat of Zinzer, before leaving the flooring installers to it. And came home in time to get the granite guys in the door to install counters.

Which…. means I missed the release of the second issue of Barbarella:

Okay — I didn’t forget a lot of other stuff, including that I need to explain to you why this place is called “Schrodinger ‘s Path.”

And I will. Just give me till Monday, okay ;)

And now I go to sleep, so tomorrow I can pack, clean and paint. And oh, yeah, finish editing Darkship Thieves for re-release.

Be patient with me a little longer. It should get better after labor day, and start running smoothly after mid-September….


Or Why I Didn't Tell You This Yesterday

First of all, Barbarella is out:

There is always a bit of an awkwardness involved in writing in a new genre. You feel like a centipede learning to dance, and you keep counting all your feet to make sure they’re all still working.

So imagine how much more awkward it is to try to figure out how to dance, but in another environment altogether. Poor centipede keeps losing feet and the gravity is not right.

I enjoyed writing the scripts (3 so far) for Barbarella, and I am very proud of it, but let me tell you it is a weird position to be in as a veteran of almost 25 year since first publication, where I sat here nibbling my nails and wondering if people would look at it and go “was this written by aliens. And unfun aliens at that?”

It was probably a mercy that — to protect me, I assume — my subconscious decided the book came out on the 21st instead of the 14th, so I was completely oblivious, driving home through the middle of nowhere, after a house inspection (Went well, which is why this is so late) when friends and my fans fervent enough they have my name or discord handle started raving over it.

Then they sent me a review, which made me take a big breath of relief:

This morning my editor sent me one just slightly less glowing but still very good:

So, my nails get a little rest, and I get to breathe again. Yes, I expect insanity from the usual suspects, some of which I’m sure are subscribers here, but since I couldn’t care less for opinions that are only interested in who I am and what my other opinions are and not my work, everything is good.

Meanwhile I’m going to pack — or the reason I didn’t put this up earlier — the house inspection checks out and we’re moving about a month from now. Which means I have this entire house to patch, paint and stage (not to mean my library of mumble mumble mumble reference books spread over two rooms to pack) so this house can go up for sale.

New place checked out brilliantly on inspection, and is near friends. We’re also taking #2 goon along because jobs seem more plentiful there.

I really will try to post more. And right now I can’t stop the books I’m in the middle of (Books? Yes, some of them insist on coming out at the same time, like conjoined twins, and these aren’t same series even) so this morning I’m downloading and training dragon, so I can dictate while sanding/scraping/etc.

And if I’m still awake in the evenings — ah! — I’m editing Darkship Thieves to go back up (light pass) and Bowl of Red (first pass) to go up for the first time.

I guess we get to find out how many instruments the one woman band can play at once.

Sorry For Long Silence

Or how the forces of evil have been winning

I really have been very busy both on writing and non-writing fronts. I’ll try to stay in touch more often.

I need to integrate the emails from the drawing with Dave Butler, and yes, I need to send the five books, right now sitting on my research desk.

So, what is going on with the Sarah?

Well, our intended house did not pass inspection. It would have been all right if we weren’t already at the top of our price range but we were and I’ve done the house buying enough when inspectors discover 50k in costs, double that. Yes, most of it was piddly stuff (except the roof) but there was a lot of piddly stuff that needed to be done before it went critical.

Since then, and despite one trip to intended location, we haven’t found anything. We’re now evaluating two, but they’re not precisely where we’d like and the price makes me a tad squirmy. OTOH we need to move. The further trip to low altitude state confirmed my brain works way better there. And the auto-immune goes into remission if I’m there more than 3 years. So, there’s been a ton of looking. I swear I have house listings on reload.

In aid of that I’m packing, and feeling like I’m getting way too little done. And going completely insane.

While the above might not be an accurate representation of my packing, it’s exactly what it feels like (with less moustache on my part). Next up, sanding, painting and other insanity. Our goal is for this house to go up in a month, though.
Not in the way represented below! Though it might explode from an excess of packed boxes, who knows?

Among my postponed tasks is figuring out if I can use this to convey a book to you bypassing amazon and the like. Unfortunately I am not going to have time to look at that till probably a week on the other side (I always unpack kitchen, office and bedroom by that time, and the rest can be slow.)

So, for now — clears throat — announcement:

Other Rhodes — aka the cursed book — is up for preorder. Believe it or not it’s the first time I’m trying preorder. I have no idea if it will have any benefits for me personally.

And the first readers are already threatening deathy death for sequels. But right now I’m finishing Bowl of Red. Yes, amid packing. It’s a bit nuts.

I’ll have snippets from it, and uninked and inked pages from Barbarella, and—

Soon. Because the forces of evil aren’t gettin away with this.

I have books to write, and I don’t have time to play with evil. (Except for Havey cat, who despite being a cat isn’t really evil.)

More soon.

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