Ding Dong The Cursed Book Is Done

Yeah, the cover sucks, and I need to redo it

Going two states away to do a home inspection I finished Other Rhodes in the car. It is a short novel, and I have no clue why it took me so long to finish, except…. 2020.

Now it’s onward towards our destination, involving finishing Bowl of Red, the next Shifter Novel, and A Well Inlaid Death, the next Dyce book.

And then hopefully the next Darkship books, hopefully all of it interspersed with short novels. And there are other novels that need finishing, etc.

The next month, I might not be very fast, because we’re setting this house up to sell, though no, the house search didn’t work at all and we’re dropping our offer on the house.

BUT we’re going to attempt to get this house ready to go up for sale and then figuring it out from there.

Anyway, this is the current cover for Another Rhodes, which is currently with Alpha Readers and will be going to betas once I make sure it’s written in English, not Martian.

So, this is it for now. Updates later.
Oh, yeah, I will be getting dragon naturally and then training my dragon… That is, I’m hoping to dictate while doing all the renovation, cleaning and decluttering for the next month.

I hope very much that “A month to declutter, clean, paint and stage” doesn’t turn into two years. After all…. two weeks to flatten the curve ;)

And now I’m out of here. I have a shower to deal with. Mostly de-crudding. (We haven’t used it.)

And now I zoom……

Still on the Road

for those not read in: I’m on the road. I almost typed “I’m on a mission from G-d.” Some of you know what I’m talking about.

Well, you too can know. Sometime ago I got the feeling I should move to a particularly place at far lower altitude. Note the “particular place.” It happened to be a place I didn’t know existed, but that don’t make no never mind.

It’s just that I’m not particularly mystical, and here it is: Get thee out from the land of Denver, and buy (He’s no longer in the business of giving, I guess) a place in this land I’ll show you.

It’s ridiculous, and the miracle is that Dan hasn’t had me committed, partly because he got the same but fainter inklings at the same time.

So. Out we headed, in a rented car (one feels a caravan would be more appropriate, but who has that kind of time) to look over the promised land of real-estate to buy.

Only….. where we’re supposed to move, there are no houses that fit. The houses that fit are not that far off, and we were thinking “well….”
And then this morning we both woke up with “No, not away from here. HERE.”

So, I said, ill-tempered, “We, if He wants us here, He’d best find us a place to buy.’ Coincidentally (?) at that moment, our real estate agent called and said “let’s try to figure out other places that are close to coming on the market.”

So, keep the prayer wheels spinning. Rattle those drawers. Trail your fingers in the baby alligator pool. Clutch your piece of flag. In other words: PRAY we find something, please.

I’ll be painted purple and called Edna if I know why we’re supposed to be here, but the back of the brain is very sure that we’re supposed to buy here. I wish it were better about figuring out how.

Meanwhile I’m trying not to let side down on a May Promo I’m in with friends, which is showing pathetic numbers because, of course, I’m away and not pushing this.

So be good boys, gils and dragons and sign up or this, okay?


STILL Finishing Cursed Book

Seriously the forces of evil aren't supposed to win!

We’re also looking for a landing place in the lowlands….

I’ve been editing what I have. Characters keep changing names. (sigh.)

And accurate representation of the cursed book laughing at me!

Meanwhile, this is happening:


So you guys might want to check it out.

Oh, yeah, apparently Amazon’s database um…. is having issues. So tomorrow on my blog I’ll be running a promo post — muy grande; gigantico; with octopi in dancing shoes* — for those hard to reach for now books.

*Some of these claims might be ever so slightly exaggerated.

Still doing Righteous Battle with the Cursed Novel

Well, there's a reason it's cursed, right?

Hoping to finish today. Light a candle for me. If you’re all VERY good and keep your fingers crossed for me, and I finish this today, I promise to do something fun for you by Friday.

But you know, that’s the reason I’ve been so quiet. Kind of embarrassed. However, the Barbarella people sent me some inked pages I’d like to share. I must say, it DOES look like a Sarah A. Hoyt story. Who knew?

Oh, yeah, and if you don’t know what this is all about — what does Sarah have to do with Barbarella — well, I’m doing a Barbarella series for Dynamite.

No, the issues on Amazon right now aren’t mine, only the issue on preorder.

Anyway, have some pretty pictures to ooh and ahhhh at ;) while I go back to work. I just dind’t want you to think the forces of evil had won. I also wanted to share the pretties, of course.

Bye for now. I go do righteous battle with the cursed book, and the evil forces of evil that have kept me from finishing it.

Hopefully back victorious in a couple of days!


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